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Healthy Roster is a concussion and sports injury communication platform. We not only help you track who suffered a concussion but also ensure all parties involved with the youth athlete receive proper communication about the injury and recover process. Our virtual athletic trainer app provides parents of youth athletes with instant access to athletic trainers.

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Athletic Trainers

Mobile Injury Documentation + Better Parent/Coach Communication

Track injuries | engage parents | Validate DOWNSTREAM REVENUE | Prove Value


Finally, a mobile, Sports-specific EHR built for Athletic Trainers with speed and efficiency in mind!

Healthy Roster is so easy to use! The same amount of work would have taken so much longer if I was still using our previous software.
— Julie Brough, Athletic Trainer, University Hospitals

Athletic Trainers are the unsung heroes of high school and youth athletics! AT's spend long hours helping to keep kids healthy and active in the sports they play. But when injuries do strike, you are the person they depend on to get back on the field.

At Healthy Roster, we respect your job and want to build tools that help you do it as quick and efficient as possible!

Our mobile sports-specific EHR is quick, responsive and easy to use. We provide you with easy access to your roster of athletes and include streamlined injury tracking and communication. We are NOT your standard athletic training software. 

Here's what you get with Healthy Roster:

  • Incident Reports

  • Treatments

  • Follow-up Services (Referrals)

  • Documents

  • Custom Forms

  • Secure Communication through text/chat and live video
  • In-depth Injury Reporting


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