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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.


Sports Medicine Outreach and Engagement Platform


All Star Athletic Trainer: Alex Salinas

Healthy Roster

Alex Salinas, MS, AT, ATC, CSAS - The Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR) / Forest Hills Northern High School


Alex Salinas still can’t figure out why he became an athletic trainer, but he knows exactly why he has stayed in the profession: the relationships he’s fostered and the continual challenge of his role. Alex provides athletic training services to Forest Hills Northern High School in Grand Rapid, Michigan in association with The Center for Physical Rehabilitation. Along with earning his B.S. in Athletic Training from Grand Valley State University in 2012, Alex also received an M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from the University of Delaware in 2014.

During his career, Alex has been honored with multiple recognitions and awards, including being recognized as the CPR Shining Star in 2017 and the GVSU 2017-2018 Preceptor of the Year. Forest Hills Northern High School has been designated as a NATA Safe Sports School and is part of the 1st Team (2017-2020) during Alex’s tenure.

Healthy Roster Marketing & Engagement Specialist Sarah Emery has been impressed with Alex’s use of the Healthy Roster platform, especially the Reports features:

“I’ve loved seeing how Alex has used Healthy Roster to further his success as an athletic trainer. He has been able to validate the costs of the treatments services he provides to Forest Hills Northern High School and have a deeper understanding of the injuries that have occurred over the past year. He’s been able to take Healthy Roster’s already robust data and reporting features and tailor the information to help keep his athletes safer and healthier while also demonstrating the value athletic trainers bring to our world.”

To hear from Alex himself about his experiences in the athletic training field, check out his responses below:

Why did you become an Athletic Trainer?

You know, this question is posed to me a few times each year and I still can't figure out why I became an AT. I was originally pre-physical therapy, but after my first clinical rotation in the GVSU AT program (at Calvin College, also in Grand Rapids), I knew that I wanted AT as my primary focus. I'm competitive by nature and being around athletes seems to supplement that well. I may not know why I became an AT, but I know why I have stayed an AT: the relationships with peers, mentors, parents, coaches, and the student-athletes. Plus, I enjoy challenges and athletic training has plenty of those ranging from rehabilitation to difficult conversations.

Without sharing any PHI of course, what is your most memorable moment as an Athletic Trainer?

I could pretty much list any soccer playoff game as well as a handful of basketball and football games, but the wins/losses are the easy memories to dredge up. Genuine "thank-you's" help keep the motor running. There is a particular sporting event that comes to mind, but it's difficult to explain in so few words. I will put it like this:  it was such a stellar performance on the track that I knew it ensured the student-athlete would be able to take their talents to the collegiate level, both athletically and academically.

What advice would you give others, either in the profession or considering becoming an Athletic Trainer?

For people in the profession: keep showing up and maintaining a high standard of care. Thank you for what you do. Take time for yourself each day and have a support system inside or outside of the profession. Keep work at work and do not bring it home.

For those considering entering the profession: there is no better time to become an athletic trainer.  Our predecessors have laid a foundation for success. We continue to gain support from local/state legislature and current ATs are setting examples in their communities. High school students, speak with your AT about what they perceive as the pros and cons as well as possible observation hours. College students, speak to your advisors!

What do you feel people outside of your profession should know about Athletic Trainers?

We are your sports medicine resource. While all of us can tape ankles (probably blindfolded, too), we do so much more than that. Being on the sideline is the tip of the iceberg and the fun part of the job. We can help you or your child(ren) maintain or get back to optimum health. Seeing people return to a sport they enjoy is a reward in itself.

What is the key to being successful in Athletic Training?  

You have to "show up" every day. Yes, there are less glamorous parts of the job and yes, you're busy--but it's part of the job! Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Document and hold yourself and patients accountable. Understand that mistakes are inevitable--no one is perfect--learn from those mistakes. Do not take yourself too seriously and keep the ego in check.  Winning is great, patient health is greater. Oh, and dry clothes and socks go a long way, so acquire rain gear and water resistant shoes before it is too late. Like many things, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Healthy Roster Launches Branded Kiosks for Customers

Healthy Roster

 Healthy Roster Outreach Kiosk with Dayton Children' at South Metro Sports Complex

Dayton Children's is the first to partner with Healthy Roster in launching their own branded Outreach Kiosks! These stand-alone devices can be used at middle schools, sports complexes, businesses, factories, and even retail establishments. 

These kiosks will allow injured athletes to connect with an Athletic Trainer remotely.

Dayton Children's is extending their Sports Medicine department's reach and providing immediate engagement to places and people they traditionally have not been able to support on a daily basis!


Athletic Trainers Show Value Through Healthy Roster

Healthy Roster

A recent study shows each Athletic Trainer who uses Healthy Roster (2 Minute Intro Video) produces roughly $90,000 in profit per year for their hospital or orthopedic group. This is according to AT Efficiency, a sports medicine data analytics and consulting firm.

The study gathered de-identified data from small, medium, and large Healthy Roster customers, including data on in-network referrals, national AT salary averages, and number of ATs providing services per provider. 

 Profit breakdown per AT using Healthy Roster

“Healthy Roster’s capabilities provide athletic trainers opportunities to show their value,” according to Scott Mullett, Owner of AT Efficiency. Healthy Roster, a HIPAA compliant mobile documentation and communication platform, allows Athletic Trainers to track referrals and associate revenue with those services. The system also tracks treatment cost by units.

“We receive anecdotal info frequently describing how our app helps streamline the ATs work flow,” said Dan Fronczak, President and Co-Founder of Healthy Roster. “However, this really takes it to the next level, helping to validate the downstream revenue their outreach efforts are creating as result of the app’s ease of use.”

All Star Athletic Trainer: Beau Kinnaird

Healthy Roster

Beau Kinnaird, MEd, AT, CSCS - Southwest General Health / Berea-Midpark HS

Beau Kinnaird - Southwest General.png


It’s been 17 years since Beau Kinnaird started his work as an athletic trainer with the Berea-Midpark sports teams, where he’s been responsible for everything from injury prevention, athlete rehabilitation and conditioning program development. Beau is employed by Southwest General Health Center of Middleburg Heights and earned his BA from Morehead State University and his MEd from Northern Kentucky University.

Beau is certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds membership with the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association (OATA) and the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association.

Healthy Roster Director of Customer Success Rob Mottice is impressed with Beau’s adoption of the Healthy Roster platform:

"We got Beau up and running within a day or two so he could use Healthy Roster at a Wrestling Tournament. How quickly and easily he was able to learn the program and watch it work is a testament not only to Healthy Roster's ease of use and flexibility, but Beau’s dedication to the safety of his athletes.”

To hear from Beau himself about his experiences in the athletic training field, check out his responses below:

Why did you become an Athletic Trainer?

That's all on Eric Fisher, and my willing to stay involved in athletics.

Without sharing any PHI of course, what is your most memorable moment as an Athletic Trainer?

It’s not about the games or championships, more along the lines of watching kids grow.  I do not have a memorable moment as an athletic trainer that stands out more than having a student-athlete return and be grateful for your time and attention.

What advice would you give others, either in the profession or considering becoming an Athletic Trainer?

Be passionate about your profession, patient with your clientele and understanding of your peers.

What do you feel people outside of your profession should know about Athletic Trainers?

Usually we are the voice of reason, trying to make educated decisions that are for the benefit of the student-athlete.

What is the key to being successful in Athletic Training?

Be passionate, be willing to give more than you take, and if you sleep well at night, you've done the right things.

OhioHealth CEO Joins Board of Directors

Healthy Roster

Healthy Roster Adds OhioHealth's Dave Blom to Board of Directors

Healthy Roster Adds Blom to Help Guide Accelerated Growth

Dave Blom Head Shot.png


COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 10, 2018 – David P. Blom, OhioHealth’s president and CEO has joined the Board of Directors of Healthy Roster Inc., a Columbus-based company that develops and provides virtual athletic training applications.  Blom leads the not-for-profit, faith-based, healthcare system of 28,000 physicians, associates and volunteers and more than $2 billion in net revenue.

“Dave is a leader in the healthcare industry and he understands how our technology can positively impact patient engagement and outcomes,” said Nathan Heerdt, CEO, Healthy Roster. "Dave’s experience will be invaluable to Healthy Roster as we scale our product and grow our customer base."

More than 100 orthopedic groups across 37 states have adopted Healthy Roster's engagement platform. Originally designed to improve sports medicine outreach efforts, Healthy Roster has experienced rapid growth by expanding into other areas leveraging its HIPAA-compliant chat and telemedicine features.

“Healthy Roster provides an innovative approach through technology and telemedicine that effectively coordinates patient care, especially in the area of sports medicine,” said Blom. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to provide insight as they bring this product to more clinicians and patients.”

“We’re extremely fortunate to have someone with such incredible credentials be a part of this crucial growth period in our company,” said fellow board member and president Dan Fronczak.