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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.


Sports Medicine Outreach and Engagement Platform


55% of all high schools...

Healthy Roster

..lack a full-time athletic trainer (and we think that has to change)!

No piece of technology can effectively eliminate concussions or other serious injuries from occurring all together in sports. However, studies do show that injuries can be significantly reduced when an athlete has full-time access to an athletic trainer. Armed with this knowledge, consider the fact that only 55 percent of athletes at public secondary schools have access to a full-time trainer (according to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association). 

Healthy Roster was created, in part, to eliminate this staggering shortfall. Because many schools simply lack the financial means to provide full-time trainers, we decided to build a system that not only provides the communication a full-time trainer usually handles, but also connects parents directly to on-call athletic trainers.

Our goals are simple: Ensure everyone involved with a student athlete communicates effectively and every youth athlete has access to an Athletic Trainer.

Our research not only confirmed that many schools have insufficient athletic training coverage, but also that there is a significant breakdown in communication between the coaches, trainers, parents, and league administrators. At Healthy Roster, we not only help you track who suffered a concussion but also ensure all parties involved with the youth athlete receive proper communication about the injury and recovery process.  

We found many examples through our research where a concussion was recognized by a parent, coach, or trainer but not all three of those parties were aware of the diagnosis at the same time if at all. 

That has to stop and we think our system can be an important piece of the solution.

Bottom line: Kids are safer when their coaches and parents have sufficient medical resources and communication tools.