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15 Must-Read Articles for Sports Medicine Professionals and Athletes

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Track and Field Sports Medicine

While online articles can be a great asset for learning about almost any subject, the sheer number of them can deter even the most dedicated researcher.  (A search for “sports medicine” on Google yields a whopping 216 million results!) So where is the best place to start? There’s no one answer to that, but we’ve taken the time to go through a bunch of them and show you some content to get you started.  Here are fifteen posts that you should be reading if you’re in sports medicine, either as a patient or a provider.

  1. 10 Things to do While Recovering from Sports Injuries

    When recovering from a sports injury, a lot of people are confused by competing instructions of what to do.  Mueller Sports Med lays out ten simple things to do while recovering.

  2. The Best Fuel for Your Athletic Performance

    This post from our friends at University Hospitals talks about the best foods for the athlete.

  3. Getting to the Heart of the Problem: What is the Cost of Saving a Life?

    Sudden cardiac death is a real, if uncommon, problem in athletes. Many of them wonder if there’s something that can screen out those who are at risk. The Sports Medicine Research blog sums up all the research on the subject and what screening methods are likely to make a difference.

  4. Choose Your Shoes

    Choosing the right shoe takes a lot more thought than meets the eye and our friends at Methodist Sports Medicine talk about how to choose shoes for physical activity.

  5. Learning to Slow Down: Bella’s Concussion Recovery Story

    Most of the coverage of concussions and related injuries in athletes in the news are about male athletes. However, female athletes are actually fifty percent more likely to sustain a concussion than a male athlete. Read this post about one athlete’s recovery from her concussion from SPARCC.

  6. Preventing ACL Injuries in Girls

    Speaking of injuries common in female athletes, our friends at Dayton Children’s Hospital talk about preventing ACL injuries in girls in this article.

  7. What Parents Need to Know About Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

    This blog post from Intermountain Healthcare shows several signs of heat-related illness in children and ways to deal with heat exhaustion and its deadlier cousin, heatstroke.

  8. A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer for the Orlando Ballet

    We believe ballet is a sport and while it’s rarely considered to be a part of sports medicine, it is definitely in that category. This blog post shows a day in the life at the Orlando Ballet of an athletic trainer from our friends at Orlando Health.

  9. How Sleep Impacts Injuries

    Getting a good night’s sleep is important to everyone. But a lack of sleep isn’t just a mental thing – it can make you more vulnerable to injuries. Mike Ryan’s sports medicine blog breaks down why.

  10. Five Common Core Exercise Mistakes and Fixes

    Core strength exercises are a staple of practically every athlete’s routine. Mike Reinold breaks down five common mistakes in those exercises and how to fix them.

  11. Mom on a Mission: Finding Your Perfect Workout

    Not sure what to do for exercise? This blog post from our friends at OhioHealth breaks down how to choose.

  12. What is Astym Treatment?

    Top Tier Sports Medicine talks about Astym treatment: what it is, how it can help you heal after a soft tissue injury, and how it works.

  13. Sports Medicine Bill Huge Victory for Orthopedists

    Sports medicine isn’t only about the patients. The Rothman Orthopedic Institute writes about the passing of a new bill that allows traveling medical staff to treat their own players in another state.

  14. Can We Predict Injuries in Soccer?

    Soccer is arguably the most popular sport worldwide. Both the players and the fans would jump for joy at a way to predict injuries before they happen.  The Football Medicine blog goes over some of the predictive measures in place and how accurate they are.

  15. A Day in the Life of a Top Sports Medicine Doctor

    Most athletes aren’t professionals.  If you ever wanted to see what a sports doctor does for those that do play in the pros, Castle Connolly walks you through a typical day in the life of a team sports medicine doctor.