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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.


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Athletic Trainer Twitter Roundup: #NATM2019

Healthy Roster


AT Twitter Roundup

National Athletic Training Month 2019

Has your bracket been busted past recovery? Need something to cheer you up? Well, we have just the thing! In addition to being the month of Madness, March was National Athletic Training Month, which was celebrated this year with the slogan “ATs Are Health Care.” As we all know, ATs are also quite Twitter savvy, so as a final hurrah, we’re rounding up some of the most insightful, heartfelt, and hilarious #NATM2019 tweets from the past few weeks. Retweet away!

Throughout the month, we remembered that ATs Are Health Care across a variety of settings, from the military:

…to the ballet:

…to NASA.

It was a month of recognition, with athletes recognizing the athletic trainers that support them:

…ATs recognizing the athletes that make their job so rewarding:

… and even lawmakers recognizing the importance of the AT profession:

We took notice of the ATs behind the scenes at our favorite March sporting event:

… and learned that some ATs are quite literally watching over us from above:

Some ATs joked about the hectic calendars that come with each new season:

… while others made use of what free time they do have to continue their lifelong learning:

We highlighted key issues within the community, such as the importance of licensure:

… while reminding businesses around the globe that quality athletic training is an investment worth making:

ATs spread the word by mapping their anatomy:

… celebrating the unsung heroes:

… and exerting an impressive amount of willpower:

Our favorite plastic AT managed to highlight two important celebrations in a single tweet!

And finally, we took the time to say thank you to the athletic trainers that make our lives safe and better every day:


Athletic Trainer Twitter Roundup: January 2019

Healthy Roster

Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals with many talents - including being incredibly Twitter savvy. We compiled some of the best athletic training tweets from this January for your retweeting pleasure.

AT Twitter kicked off 2019 with some wise New Years Resolutions…

…and celebrated the connections athletic trainers make with their athletes.

We learned the ABCs of athletic training…

…and used gifs to describe #ATLife.

ATs took to Twitter to remind us all about the value of the profession…

…along with showing off their eye for aesthetically pleasing (and on brand) desk arrangements:

@Lego_ATC continued to be one of the greatest corners of the internet:

Athletic trainers took the latest memes and Twitter trends and made them their own.

Probably most importantly, a great group of athletic trainers from around the country gathered in Texas in January for the annual NATA Joint Committee Meeting to collaborate and brainstorm about the future of the athletic training profession. If you missed it, don’t worry! The ATs in attendance took to Twitter to inform and motivate the rest of us on how to “own your impact” as an athletic trainer:

What are your favorite Athletic Training Tweets? Let us know in the comments below and tag us @healthyroster on Twitter!