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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.

EPIC vs. Healthy Roster

Epic for Injury tracking?
Key considerations:

Capabilities of smart sports medicine groups:


Mobile Documentation.

To get EPIC and MY Chart folks to write a statement that we do not have the capability to duplicate Healthy Roster and the cost to develop would clearly exceed expense.


team COmmunication.

Connect with athletes and parents easily through features made specifically for you as an AT. Communicate better and faster through features of both the web and app.


School form management.

Quickly log treatments, keep track of important forms and documents via web or app. Maximize the number of athletes you see with easy access to the features you need.

My biggest problem is management. Because I can’t be at four different places at once, I have athletes who are falling through the cracks. I have a weird mixture of hard copy documentation, strings of emails from school nurses/coaches about new injuries, and doctor’s notes for documentation. There is only one way I can document in Epic that doesn’t open a billable encounter, and it’s basically a blank note. I can’t look up kids by school or sport, and I can’t see who all has “open” injuries so to speak. And I really only can communicate with coaches via email/in person, and they don’t seem very inclined to listen to me half the time. I figure with the Healthy Roster app they can at least have no excuses for “not knowing” someone wasn’t allowed to practice. Anyways, the biggest problem with Epic is that is doesn’t allow me the organization I need (and it’s not very mobile, I have to have it on a computer. No sideline evals can be updated.) The other problem is that if the athlete is not in the hospital’s system, I have to add them. And a lot of these kids have Optima insurance which we don’t accept, so they can’t even see our doctors anyways. I don’t have an organized way to store all their physicals and emergency information either. I am very overwhelmed with this position, and I would honestly accept any EMR the hospital would give me specifically made for athletic training. But after researching, and experience using other programs, I think Healthy Roster would be the best option for my needs. That’s basically my predicament right now.
— JOHN SMITH, Athletic Trainer

HEALTHY ROSTER BENEFITS FOR injury tracking and documentation

+ User-Friendly. We know how precious your time is...we don't waste it on complicated software!

+ Mobile Apps. We have both iOS and Android apps. Like real apps in the app store. 

+ Efficiency Please. Our app and platform aren't bogged down with useless functionality.

+ I'd Like It This Way. We'll help you customize our app with background questions to match your preference.

+ Mobile Forms Done Right. Fill out Quick Assessment and SCAT5 forms through the app ON THE SIDELINE!

+ Reports. Validate your sports medicine department and AT efforts with research-level reporting.

+ Treatment Kiosk. Kids pouring into your office before practice? Let them log treatments, then you confirm later.


+ Telemedicine. Let your parents AND coaches contact you through secure text/chat or video.

+ Circle of Care. Make sure the parents, coaches, and docs all know when injuries or updates occur.

+ The Doc Will See You Now. Provide parents with custom referrals to doctors or specialists through our app.

+ EHR/EMR Integration. Connect your health system's EHR with Healthy Roster. Docs need your AT's notes.

+ Forms Signed, Delivered, Stored. Have parents fill out pre-participation forms and more right on the app!

+ Market Outside Your Comfort Zone.  We give you custom codes for use on banners/billboards to invite more athletes into your organization. Grow your outreach just by introducing your app to new and diverse groups.