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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.

Mental Health Platform

Sports Medicine's First Active Screening and Alerts System

Introducing Safe Athlete - Healthy Roster’s Mental Health Platform

Our goal has always been to help keep the athletes you serve active and healthy - and that’s traditionally meant physical health.  But with 1 in 5 people, age 13 and up - struggling with a severe mental disorder - it is critical that managing the health of our athletes evolves into a whole body - whole athlete approach.

SAFE Athlete is a secure, automated set of proactive communication protocols that provides the ability to Screen your athletes, Alert personnel when a score rates in a risky category, Facilitate an immediate response from the proper resource, and Engage the athlete quickly to provide support and keep them SAFE.


Healthy Roster video call with athletic trainer

Our research shows that 90% of organizations DO NOT conduct mental health screenings for athletes. Of those that do, screenings are primarily done annually - or worse, at the beginning of their athletic careers - and then never again.

And everyone is in agreement, that’s simply not enough.

  • Automatically schedule regular screening of any athlete, team or your entire roster of athletes.

  • Trust results from our clinically validated PHQ-9 and CSSRS screening assessments.

  • Track scores over time to understand your athlete’s continuing mental health.


Healthy Roster digital SCAT 3 and 5 form

Typical mental health screenings result in a stack of paper that needs someone to go through and tally the score for each athlete. That can take time and provide an unnecessary risk by slowing your response times to critical situations.

Eliminate time delays and respond quicker.

  • Immediate notification of athletes who scores place them in a risky category.

  • In-app notices provide you with actionable information in the same system where you care for your athlete’s injuries.

  • Color-coded alerts and action buttons prevent inaction and promote quick responses.



When athletic trainers are faced with critical mental health situations, they’re often on their own to organize the right response. This can be complicated as certain situations dictate involving clinical personnel to administer the appropriate level of care.

Respond appropriately by connecting the right people to the right steps.

  • Customize an action plan for your organization.

  • Involve clinical specialists designated to support your response team.

  • Identify potential high-risk athletes quicker with trends based on historical results.


While some organizations may have a defined mental health response protocol, Athletic Trainers don’t always have access to directly deal with athletes that need mental health support in urgent situations.

Setup automated steps to quickly react and respond to high-risk scores.

  • Access approved action plans with clear response steps.

  • Utilize additional assessments when dealing with a suicidal situation.

  • Reduce response time and connect directly to provide support and minimize risk.

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