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Healthy Roster is a concussion and sports injury communication platform. We not only help you track who suffered a concussion but also ensure all parties involved with the youth athlete receive proper communication about the injury and recover process. Our virtual athletic trainer app provides parents of youth athletes with instant access to athletic trainers.

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Empowering Sports Medicine

Sports-specific EHR + Outreach Engagement

Track injuries | engage parents | Grow Outreach


Healthy Roster understands how crazy it can be to try and cover every players for every practice and game. In fact, it's really not possible for Athletic Trainers to be physically present on every field for every sport. That's why we built Healthy Roster.  

With our mobile sports-specific EHR, we make it easy for Athletic Trainers to add, track and edit injuries on the go. And with our live video chat, coaches AND parents can reach their Athletic Trainer when an injury does occur when the AT isn't present.

And for Sports Medicine departments, we give you a dashboard where you can track injuries system-wide and ROI.

Here's how our platform works
We get your Athletic Trainers registered and trained on the Healthy Roster app. Once trained, the Athletic Trainer can upload all of their athletes AND invite coaches and parents into the system. Coaches and parents can register for a free account and begin using the app to communicate with your Athletic Trainers.

Top Reasons for Implementing Healthy Roster

  • Instantly notifies all parties (Athletic Trainer, Coach, Parent) when an injury or update occurs
  • Athletic Trainers directly communicate with parents from the point of injury through recovery
  • Eliminates communication gap between athletic trainer, coach, administrator and the parents
  • Reach parents directly, improving engagement & brand awareness
  • Gain trust and referrals by supporting parents with connectivity and effective communication
  • Connect with more parents and at an earlier stage by providing access to more schools & youth leagues

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