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Healthy Roster provides patient engagement, care coordination, telemedicine and outreach tools for Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and other medical specialties. We enable patients to communicate with providers, reducing communication gaps, phone tag, and readmissions. Use with Home Health & SNF’s to manage CJR and Cardiac bundled payments.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeff Sczpanski, OhioHealth Sports Medicine Supervisor, talks about how Healthy Roster has improved their injury reporting and outreach efforts by making the process easier and faster.
Hear from some of our customers about what they think of our customer support team!
Aaron Goodrich, an Athletic Trainer with the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, shares his experiences using Healthy Roster and how it's improved his day to day workflow.
Hear from a few of our customers on how easy it is to document and use our platform!
A few of our customers share what they think of communicating with athletes and parents within the Healthy Roster system, allowing them to make a complete care circle.
Chad Gabbard, Outreach Coordinator at St. Vincent Sports Performance, shares his experiences using Healthy Roster.
Clark Cristofoli, a youth coach and Healthy Roster user, talks about how using Healthy Roster has improved the communication around player's injuries and keeping his team healthy.
Listen to some of our customers share how easy it is to generate and show downstream revenue within your sports medicine department when using Healthy Roster.

Healthy roster is simple to use and understand, reducing the learning curve needed with other “older/busier” injury documentation programs. The injury timeline feature has enabled smoother and more efficient communication between the doctor, therapist and athletic trainer, resulting in better quality care for the athletes.

Health Roster has been a real time saver and allowed our athletic trainers to be more efficient with their documentation since they are able to input or update injuries and add referrals directly from the app.  Since Healthy Roster is easier to use, there’s more “buy in” from our Athletic Trainers.
— Doug Means, Director of Sports Medicine/Marketing at KORT - Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team
We just had our annual physical day. We did almost 500 physicals and because of healthy roster we were able to process all of our physicals (uploading them using iPads), without a glitch.

In the past we would have done physicals and spent the next two days filling out paperwork. We estimate that by using Healthy Roster this year, we saved at least 40 man hours of work. Not to mention the confidence in having our physicals secure and readily available for our coaches and parents.

We are so happy and excited to be using Healthy Roster. I am a believer!
— Scott Arceneaux LAT, ATC, Dir. of Sports Medicine, St. Amant High School
After putting up the Healthy Roster Injury Station at one of the Louisville YMCA’s we’ve seen an average of 4-5 people a month use the Injury Station to contact us! We’re thrilled we could create a new patient acquisition channel from an outreach partner without having to staff it!
— Ed Foring III, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Clinic Director, ProRehab Physical Therapy
Healthy Roster allows us to connect our athletic trainers with coaches, parents and athletes to improve communication around education and injury management. Utilizing the tools and features in Healthy Roster opens the doors to new opportunities to connect with athletes and parents in meaningful ways. Partnering with Healthy Roster was a great decision and has helped us elevate our service offerings in our community.
— Eric Marchek, PT, CSCS, Sports Manager, Providence Health and Services
We have already had over 15 athletes request sports medicine consults resulting in 45 patient visits from just one group (in the first 45 days). This instant communication, coupled with ProRehab’s immediate treatment from the physical therapist, has allowed these athletes to continue to compete at the highest level with minimal disruption to their training regimes. I highly recommend Healthy Roster.
— David Boyce, CEO, ProRehab Louisville
While using Healthy Roster to get caught up on injury documentation, I found I was able to get so much done in very short amount of time. Healthy Roster is very easy to use and time efficient, which is key for athletic trainers. The same amount of work would have taken so much longer if I was still using our previous software. We are now requiring all of our Athletic Trainers to use Healthy Roster in 2017 for injury documentation and communication.
— Julie Brough, Athletic Trainer, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
It’s the most comprehensive health care documentation tool geared toward athletic trainers that I’ve come across.
— Aaron Goodrich, ATC, Ohio State University Sports Medicine
Healthy Roster has been a welcome addition to our Sports Medicine Facility. The app has decreased our charting time, which has made us more productive clinically. Its ease of use is fantastic.
— Eli Hallak, M.Ed., ATc, EMT, Director of Sports Medicine, St. Francis High School, CA
With the start of spring sports last week I started using Healthy Roster for my daily treatments, interactions, and evaluations. Above all else, Healthy Roster is helping me with risk management/risk reduction. Parents have enjoyed it and have been utilizing it to talk to me where otherwise they may not have.

Spring is my busiest time—hundreds of treatments administered every week—which is why I’m thankful for the “duplicate” option!
— Alex Salinas, Head Athletic Trainer at Forest Hills Northern High School
Healthy Roster provides a platform that helps us improve communication between the athlete, parents, athletic trainer, and school staff. It also increases work efficiency and health record compliance which will improve documentation for risk and liability assessments.
— Kevin Messey, Supervising Athletic Trainer, UC San Diego Health
Healthy Roster provides “innovation in.....patient care” one of the three core focus items at OSU.

This program provides OSU with a unique opportunity to provide immediate and interactive primary sports medicine care, guidance and direct medical access for athletes in our local communities.
— Richard Quincy, OSU Sports Medicine
Healthy Roster is MUCH faster than our old EMR system. I also appreciate the easy to navigate, visually appealing, less-cluttered user interface. Finally, it’s also helpful that parents and coaches can use it to report injuries or comment on an injury status update.
— Danielle Smith, M.S., ATC Head Athletic Trainer, Maryknoll
Healthy Roster has been a great way for me, as a coach, to be on the same page as our Athletic Trainer when it comes to student athletes with injuries. It’s allowed me to follow the progress (or lack there of) our injured athletes, especially when our schedules make it difficult to connect face-to-face. Healthy Roster has been a very positive part of the return to play efforts for our athletes.
— Kim Triskett, Head Basketball Coach, Grand Valley High School
I’m in charge of many sports on different fields around the community. I may not have a chance to update a coach on a particular day because they are on a field across town. If that happens they can easily check the athlete’s status on their app and determine the level of participation that is permitted for each athlete for that day. This helps keep everyone on the same page and mistakes in communication are decreased.
— Amy Adair MS, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Middle Township High School
Healthy Roster is a great resource for coaches, parents, and players. Connecting with trained medical staff and keeping up to date on player’s injuries allows me to make sure my players don’t push themselves too much. In addition, it enables private messaging with parents to make sure they are aware of any issues that come up at practice.
— Shane Peterson, Head Coach, Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club
Healthy Roster provides an innovative approach that is like nothing else on the market for injury management and communication for the athletic trainer, coaches, parents and administrators. Healthy Roster is a game changer for our group!
— Adam Greenfield, President / Head Athletic Trainer, Premier Sports Medicine
We are really having a great experience using the app! It makes it very convenient to submit injury reports. Also, the status updates are simple and parents can follow the notes that we create.
— Tyler Wright, Head Athletic Trainer at Euclid High School, Lake Health
I am excited about the addition of Healthy Roster to our outreach program, as it will allow us to improve our access to our athletes and help us to prevent unneeded trips to the ER/urgent care.
— Geoff Omiatek, Director of Therapy Services, Orthopedic ONE
In the highly competitive market of sports medicine we are always trying to find ways to differentiate our services. When we evaluated Healthy Roster we saw an innovative product that helps Heartland Orthopedic Specialists continue to be the leader in sports medicine in our region.
— Mike Doyle, Heartland Orthopedic Specialists
During an away wrestling meet, one of our wrestlers sustained an injury. Since I wasn’t at the meet, our wrestler was evaluated by the host medical staff. The wrestler’s father immediately reported the injury into Healthy Roster and our assistant coach took a picture of the written medical record and uploaded to wrestler’s injury. I received the notification and responded with a tag to our physician. Our orthopedic doctor reviewed the notification, and told the parents he would see them in office first thing Monday. Without Healthy Roster, this process would have been delayed.
— Beau Kinnaird, Athletic Trainer, Southwest General Hospital
I think Healthy Roster is the coolest way for parents to connect with AT’s for injuries. Our lacrosse coach sent it out and it got a ton of positive email response from our parents!
— Parent in Dayton, Ohio

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